We’re TruNorth. We Deliver Sanity & Savings.

We believe you deserve 1-click visibility into the details and dollars behind your technology environment, as well as the knowledge to control your enterprise network and budget. We deliver this visibility alongside substantial savings, every time. Our clients save an average of 22%, with loads of recovered time and energy as a bonus. What would you do with that savings? Find out how much we’ll save you.


Seeking Sanity? We Fight For You

Ever have that feeling that you’re over spending your technology budget? You are. Technology providers don’t make it easy to control your service information and costs. We are dedicated to empowering you with the best tools and information for easy governance over your technology inventory and spend because we believe you deserve better. Let us identify where you overspend on technology and how to take back control.

Our people fuel unique, repeatable business processes and operational design to deliver results. Our industry experience is unparalleled in navigating technology providers’ complex and sometimes archaic practices to deliver a clean inventory, clarity and confidence. Our team is an extension of your team. We are benevolently relentless in getting the value from providers you deserve. 

We love this stuff. Get to know us.


We Deliver Sanity & Savings

We believe financial health starts with “getting fit,” then pays off long-term by “staying fit.”  As in life, this requires focus, tools and discipline.

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We Deliver Sanity & Savings


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