How do I log in?
On June 7 you will receive an email invitation with a username and a temporary password. Use those login credentials and change your password as soon as you log in. Then bookmark Sparrow 2.0 sparrow.trunorth.io for future ease!
What will I see when I log in? What is different?
You will have a new user experience with a different interface, but all the data and functionality is the same. You will notice easier access to the different aspects of the application by looking at the top and side navigation panels with a new sleek look and feel.
How can new users request access to Sparrow?
Send an email to sparrow@trunorth.io with the individual’s name, email address, company, phone number and city/state. If we need more information, we will ask you for it. Within 24 hrs, you should receive an email response and the individual will receive an invite from Sparrow with a login and temporary password.
What if I experience an issue or bug?
This can happen from time to time, but don’t worry! We are here to support your experience and we take all glitches seriously.

User Guide can be found here

Non-urgent issues: please email sparrow@trunorth.io (expect a same day response)

Urgent issues: we are standing by and ready to handle your inquiries. Please call 720-722-4668

How do I look up inventory
How do I place a disconnect?
How do I look at spend?
How do I look at project savings?
How do I look at contract info?