Reining in the Chaos: Technology Expense Audit

Our technology expense management services save our clients an average of 22% of their technology budget.  Find out how much we’ll save you.

What is a Technology Expense Audit?

Are you paying for services you don’t need?  YES


A technology expense audit is a method of examining your technology assets to take inventory and identify ways to save money. This is one of the first steps in our comprehensive technology expense management solution. By diving deep into your technology bills, properly labeling and organizing them, we’re able to achieve some quick wins to deliver sanity and savings. 


Are you paying more than what you’ve contracted for?  YES


Telcos are notorious for billing errors.  Gartner Group reports “80% of business technology invoices have billing errors”. Our charter is threefold: to fix these errors, reduce costs and increase controls.

How Technology Audits Work

We will first gather all of your technology documents in a phase we call Inventory Build. Then, we pore through the data for quick wins. What does a “quick win” mean?

Well, here’s an example: we may find that one of your previous addresses still has active Internet lines for which you still pay; this happens way more frequently than you’d think. We’ll notify you and you may tell us, “we moved out of there 6 months ago, please cancel that line and save us $2000/mo”. Or alternatively, “that’s our CEO’s home, label it Betty’s home Internet, we definitely want to keep it”. 

Pushing local stakeholders to ‘validate’ and ‘name’ each inventory item not only drives immediate savings, but documents what the item is used for to make lifecycle technology inventory management easier.


We Deliver Sanity & Savings


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