Everything starts with Inventory

Our technology expense management services save our clients an average of 22% of their technology budget.  Find out how much we’ll save you.

What is Inventory Build?

When you start working with TruNorth, we hit the ground running by taking a full assessment of your technology inventory. This means we take stock of all your service lines, physical assets and service contracts in order to track spending more accurately, control costs, and optimize your technology infrastructure.

What does this look like? Imagine taking 1400 different technology bills and converting them into a 1-click, plain-English inventory system. Most technology bills are so in-the-weeds and complex that they may as well be written in Latin; and your first instinct will probably be to save yourself the hassle and just pay it. But we believe you deserve better. We decipher the code and create order from the chaos, identifying opportunities for tangible savings so you can take back control.

Stop Paying For Unused Services

We’ll let you in on a little secret: ten out of ten of our clients find that they’re overspending on their technology bills in some capacity. Whether it’s old phone lines from now-vacated office buildings, mobile devices that are going unused, or other outdated equipment collecting dust in the basement. Because many people don’t bother to understand the gibberish that are their technology bills, they wind up paying for services or equipment, unsure of what’s in use and what isn’t. This is why comprehensive inventory management is so crucial. We pore through every line of every technology document you have to find the easiest ways to save money.


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