Technology Expense Management

& Bill Payment

Our technology expense management services save our clients an average of 22% on their technology bill their technology budget. Find out how much we’ll save you.

What is Technology Expense Management?

Technology Expense Management (TEM) is exactly what it sounds like: we manage your technology inventory & expenses to find ways to save you money.  We guarantee you are overspending your technology dollars.  Every single one of our clients were unwittingly paying way too much for their technology services before they met us — chances are you’re in the same boat. The TruNorth team provides you with:

Monthly Reporting & Analytics

We help you accurately forecast technology expenses, spot trends and match budget to actuals.


We own all inventory adds/purchases to standardize buying in concert with existing providers/contracts to retain cost controls.

Vendor management

Vendor reps change all the time, and we keep an open dialogue with them to manage issues, disputes, contract negotiations, purchases and provisioning.

Bill payment

We provide outsourced bill processing and payment.

MACD (Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnects)

We make relocations easier by keeping inventory accurate and equipment up-to-date.

Ongoing consulting

Our team is your team. We are an extension of your business to help your finances get fit and stay fit.


Relentless Advocacy

We never give up getting you what you deserve.  Ask our clients!

Imagine 1-click visibility into your enterprise technology and expenses, full control over your budget and a focused partner governing all the details.  We believe you deserve this and more. That’s why we developed our very own proprietary software to manage your expenses: Sparrow.


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